Member News 6/4/2021

By | June 4, 2021

Photographic work by Robert Bolla was selected for Contemporary Art Gallery’s online exhibit “All Cityscapes.” And three of his photographs were selected for the online exhibit “2021 Just Photography,” Medford Arts, Medford, NJ.

Bud Hirsch, Bob Rickert, and Adam Sandler have works accepted in the Art Saint Louis juried online exhibit Dreamlife. The exhibit is presented exclusively online on the Art Saint Louis website and on their Facebook link from May 1 to July 1, 2021. It is also be available in a virtual gallery through this link.

Robert Bolla, Bud Hirsch, and Alan Sandler had works in Maturity and its Muse: Celebrating Artistic Experience 2021 at Art Saint Louis. Alan Sandler’s entry received an Award of Excellence and Bud Hirsch’s entry received an Honorable Mention from the jurors.

Bud Hirsch was interviewed for the “Maturity and Its Muse” exhibit at Art St. Louis, and the interview (along with another artist’s interview) is on this link. His starts on about page 11. This is a wonderful way for artists to talk about their work.

Bud Hirsch had two of his images selected by the Angad Arts Hotel for their 4th Biannual Call for Art 2021. His works will be showcased, along with the 40 artists whose art was invited, in the public areas of the arts hotel from May through October 2021.