Next Interclub Competition and more

By | November 13, 2020

The next Round of PSA Interclub competitions begin in a week. The deadline to submit your images for Interclub Photojournalism Round 2 is Friday, November 20th at midnight.I recently received this definition of an appropriate PJ image from the PSA.

“Appropriate PJ subject matter is informative, telling the story clearly and quickly. It has impact and causes the viewer to experience an emotion. It involves a human connection, which excludes the portrayal of animal life. Do not enter images from events or activities specifically arranged for photography, or subjects directed or hired for photography. Whether the photographer or someone else staged it, that is not honest PJ. Instead, capture spontaneous moments and document existing situations.
The final image should look exactly as it did when you clicked the shutter. If you decide to crop, be sure to keep enough in the image to be able to tell what is happening. You can remove dust or digital noise, or convert it to b/w. You can restore the appearance of the scene, such as adjusting perspective or brightening shaded areas to reveal what your eye observed. Otherwise, do not tamper with any elements within the image. Avoid over-saturation or any other adjustments that do not look natural. Depict things just as they were, not as you wish they were.”

Here are the winners from Round 1.
Bernard Gerdelman…Jeff Hirsch…Cindy Lynch…Dale Miller…Dilip Patel…Randy Gusdorf…Valerie Snyder…Madi Hawn…Fred Emch…Mike Matney…Jenn Mishra…Marge Rosenthal…James Lu…Bonnie Freeland…Marilyn Miller…Liping Wang…Dick Roman…Allen Ahner…Kim Mulkey Young…Wynn Davis Shanks…Bob Rickert…Haley Pepper…Donna Parrone…Skip LaRue

You can see all of their images by going to Competition Results. Just look for Interclub in the title.
Thank you all for your participation, and remember, Interclub is for everyone!